Proxy Compensation Disclosure

We provide assistance with the preparation of your annual proxy statement if you are a public organization that files a DEF 14A with the SEC. We ensure your compliance with all current and applicable guidelines.

If you are planning to prepare your own upcoming proxy statement, we can review your past year's proxy filing and provide recommendations and guidance on compliance, content and format for your next version. Our consulting services range from a formal review of initial drafts of your proxy disclosure statement all the way through the complete creation of the executive and board compensation disclosure required under current SEC guidelines.

This work could include drafting your Compensation Discussion and Analysis (CD&A), compiling all the required tabular disclosure (Executive and Director Summary Compensation Tables, Equity Tables, Pension Benefit and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Tables) and all associated narrative. We may also provide assistance with the required post-employment payment disclosure, including preparing the detailed calculations pertaining to the hypothetical payments that would be made to your executives under various termination scenarios (including a change in control).

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